Nautilus [Free True Type Font]

28 May 2013

From time to time I made and share some resources like Photoshop brushes, Actions, Panels and some Fonts. All for free download (although donations are accepted). Well, I've begun to centralize all my resources at

De tanto en tanto hago y comparto algunos recursos como pinceles para Photoshop, acciones, paneles y algunas tipografías. Todo para descargar gratis (las "donaciones" son bienvenidas, claro!). Bueno, he comenzado a centralizar todos mis recursos en

Martian Life #14

Colaboration with Omnibus Type [Bahiana Font]

15 May 2013

I made this illustration for the presentation of "Bahiana", a type by Omnibus-Type. Bahiana was designed by Daniela Raskovsky and Pablo Cosgaya.
Hice esta ilustración para la presentación de "Bahiana", una tipografía de Omnibus-Type, diseñada por Daniela Raskovsky y Pablo Cosgaya.

Bahiana presentation at Behance

Martian Life #8, 9 and 10

10 May 2013

Disclaimer: All this serie called "Martian Life" is a personal project that doesn't exist (yet) on paper.
Aclaración: Toda esta serie llamada "Martian Life" es un proyecto personal que no existe (aún) en papel.