Real-time Symmetry in Photoshop CS6

26 June 2013

OK this is a little tricky, Adobe never implemented in Photoshop a tool to draw symmetrically in real-time, thing that programs like Artrage, Painter, Alchemy, etc. already include since... well, years, but there's a way to approach that idea using a mirrored Smart object, it isn't real-time at all because you must to hit Ctrl + S to update the preview Window but it's closer!

If you want a little help, I'm sharing a Photoshop Action that make the hard work for you (please, read the instructions inside the ZIP), right here:

UPDATE: Actually you can do it a lot easier using AD Brutus Symmetry, a Photoshop Panel I created some time ago. It includes this same technique (Smart Objects) but also a better way to create symmetry using vertical and horizontal Guides. Watch the promo:

Thanks to John Nack (Adobe's Principal Product Manager) for the article about this technique (Symmetrical drawing in Photoshop)


Magda Żmijowska said...

I love it! Thank you so much for showing such great things. You're my inspiration!

Alex Dukal said...

Thanks to you for the comment, Leni.

Bartek Moniewski said...

Nice hack. Thanks. But why not just use better painting software? ;)

Alex Dukal said...

The thing here is "how to do it in PS" and there you have my answer.
What is a "better painting software" for you could be not so good for others.

xaigo said...

Hello, Alex!
Thank you so much for this action. It's a real lifesaver!:)

Unknown said...

Does not work. Not rasterising the smart bject wont let to draw.

Alex Dukal said...

Arda, you can't draw or paint an SmartObject until you open it, that's the way IT WORKS ;-)
At least you also can download the file I've provided.
Also, my Photoshop panel "Brutus Symmetry" does this and some other tricks easier:

Zeus said...

What a clever idea! I'm really disappointed this feature still hasn't arrived in Photoshop, but this trick will make the wait easier.

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