Martian Life #6 and #7

1 May 2013


Per said...

Is there any chance that I could get some price information? Love your work and been following for a couple of years. Would be nice to have "my own" piece some day :)

Unknown said...

lovely books!

Alex Dukal said...

Thank you both!
All this serie called "Martian Life" is a personal project that does not exist (yet) on paper.
I know that some people could be confused about this but I really like to show these illos as if they were real magazines, and who knows... maybe this ends in a book or something like that, I'm thinking about it! :-)

Alex Dukal said...

Per: I could give you the link to my Zazzle Store (it needs an update desperately!)
I've got a few prints there but I don't know what's the quality (the t-shirts and postcards are pretty nice).
I'm planning to make a Giclee Printing of some illustrations, as signed limited editions, but not sure when 'cause I must to travel to Buenos Aires to produce that. I'll post that info right here on my blog.
Anyway, thank you for your interest!


Laton said...

so there is no books at all that we can buy from you?
i've tried some worldwide webstore and haven't find one...

is there any portfolio books or whatsoever?


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