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10 December 2010

Alex Dukal Sketchbook

Aquí en la Patagonia llueve poco, el clima es seco y ventoso; me gusta, pero extraño el clima inglés, esos días de nubes grises y llovizna constante, esas últimas horas del día donde las luces de las vidrieras y los autos se reflejan en el suelo mojado.

Here in Patagonia there's no rain at all, the weather is dry and windy, I like it, but I miss the English weather, those days of constant rain and gray clouds, those last hours of the day where the lights of the stores and cars are reflected in the wet ground.


Natalia Jankowski said...

¡¡¡hermoso hermoso hermoso!!!

pleytonp said...

Que guapa se ve Natalia!
Saludos a ambos. Y aunque no son tus favoritos, les mando un par de rayos de sol y nubes hermosas que abundan por estos días en Santiago.


Juli Serenelli said...

que lindo Alex!
estoy intentando aprender a usar la tableta (que me regalaron) y tus pinceles y paleta de colores me están sirviendo muchoo, asi que...gracias!!:D

Laura said...


I live in Europe, in Romania, but last year I spent the holidays in the south of India, at 33 degrees celsius. And it didn't feel like Christmas or new year's at all. I love it how during winter we stay inside, eat soup, drink a lot of tea and warm up our souls. It's a time of bringing yourself together, like a break when you can reflect upon your life.

And then you really can appreciate crazy summers :)

Alex Dukal said...

Hola Pley! Tantísimo tiempo!
Te retribuímos los saludos (y yo te devuelvo los rayos de sol, que ni se asome por acá! je je)
Gracias Juli! y suerte con la tableta!
Hello Laura, as I said I love winter too! But I never appreciate summer!
Is at least striking to see how, according to the place where we live, we believe that something must be in a certain way, such as Christmas.
The only time in my life that Christmas was cold and snowy was when I lived a few months in the UK, the rest of my life Christmas ever happened in midsummer, which is rare for people in the northern hemisphere.
Maybe, I'm living in the wrong hemisphere, who knows ...

Pito said...

Que buena linea de trabajo.

Buen blog.
Paso en breve.


.Trudi Sissons said...

Hi Alex - I wanted to let you know that I am submitting a mixed media piece that uses some of your stamp brushes and I want to make sure I give you the proper credits. It will be published in SOMERSET APPRENTICE in the spring of 2011. Will you email me with your email address so that I can send you a copy of the image that is being published and also make sure I provide the links to your blog/website?


illustration poetry said...

rain, tears.

Piltri Quitrón said...

excelentes ilustraciones!! te felicito por tu trabajo!

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