Black Friday + Amazing Photoshop Brushes!

26 November 2016

Let's resurrect this blog! Black Friday is Black Weekend at 20% OFF!!! No matter if it is one or several products (Brushes or Photoshop Panels), the discount applies to the whole price and can be used only once during this weekend. Just enter this code before making the purchase: ADBlackFriday Hurry up!
Black Friday es Black Weekend en mi tienda! 20% de descuento en el total de tu compra, no importa si es uno o varios productos, el descuento aplica al total y se puede utilizar solo una vez durante este fin de semana. Solo hay que ingresar éste código antes de concretar la compra: ADBlackFriday

AD Splatter Brushes for Photoshop

15 May 2015

Did you know that some of my Photoshop Brush Packs already includes a full set of more than 35 Splatter Brushes?

This useful set emulates natural & realistic splatters, stains, drips, ink marks, washed drops, etc. The set is included as part of my main Brush Packs: The Cartoonist Brushes, The Aquarellist Brushes and The Painter’s Toolbox. It is a very carefully selection of some of my best brushes under this style.

Hope you like and make this tools part of your daily work!  

Brutus Symmetry - Photoshop CC+ Panel

12 May 2015

AD Brutus Symmetry is a Photoshop CC, CC 2014 & CC 2015 Panel that provides tools to work with -almost- realtime symmetry.

Brutus is Adictive! Awesome for Character design! Fantastic for Brainstorming!

Until Adobe makes Photoshop realtime symmetry possible this tools are the closer approach you could have. It basically uses Photoshop guides (vertical and horizontal) as Axis for the symmetry, but it’s not limited to guides, it also works with selections and for fastest use we can assign shorcuts to the main functions.

Brutus is a great companion for your artist toolbox! Watch it in action…


Brutus also includes another fantastic technique to draw or paint with symmetry in Photoshop, in this case the symmetry is generated with mirrored smart layers that are set up for you with one click.

While working with Brutus you can use the last two buttons to save your active layer as a PNG or to save the whole merged file as PNG, no dialogues, no distraction… one click and you have a high quality screenshot of your artwork saved in a folder and including date and hour with the name.

As someone said:

"If Hermann Rorschach were still alive he would surely be using ‘Brutus’ to perform his tests!"

Purchase "AD Brutus Symmetry" right here:
AD Brutus Symmetry (for Photoshop CC, CC 2014 & CC 2015)

AD Aquarellist Brushes for Photoshop - Quick paint

28 March 2015

The real deal! Photoshop Watercolours in action.
You can get it right here > AD Aquarellist Brushes

AD Photoshop Brushes Xmas Discount!

23 December 2014

Santa is here!
Since today until friday 26 all the fantastic brushes from my store have a Xmas discount ... 20% OFF

Letterbox - Photoshop Watercolour

Another example created in Photoshop using only The Aquarellist Brushes.
Some details here and the video at the end of this post.

Christmas Carol (Photoshop Watercolour)

22 December 2014

Another Illustration created purely with Photoshop using "The Aquarellist Brushes". No extra textures or effects, the amazing real watercolour feel is merit of this brushes (and some patience, for sure...). I assure you that is really a pleasure to use these brushes!

The Aquarellist Brushes for Photoshop

15 December 2014

These are the amazing Watercolour Brushes for Photoshop that I’ve created a few years ago and never published… until dec. 12, 2014!
Improved and expanded! This pack actually includes more than 100 Brushes - Tool Presets that realistically emulates Watercolours and Ink Washings without the need of weird and complicated tricks, just paint using the pen pressure and direction combining different brushes to obtain that natural wet effects!

Take a view at this basic example, it's just Photoshop and the Aquarellist Brushes:

I know the first impression, besides blow your mind, could be overwhelming due to the number and variety of this high quality brushes, so… take your time to practice and find wich ones are your favorites, combine them, experiment, etc. I’ll be publishing some tutorials, tips and tricks, so stay tuned!
A quick video demo using this fantastic brushes:

1. Most of this brushes & presets were created in Photoshop CC 2014 using a Wacom Intuos 4 Tablet and tested also in Photoshop CS6 with a Wacom Graphire 4. So, the RECOMMENDED SETUP is Photoshop CC / CC 2014 + Wacom Intuos or Cintiq and the MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS (not recommended): Photoshop CS5 + Wacom Graphire but do not expect -with that min. setup- to use the brushes in the same way I created them! The Wacom Graphire and Bamboo models has less pressure levels and the absence of some options (Eg.: there’s no TILT option for brushes). Also, you could load this presets in Photoshop CS5 but the response of some brushes will be far from ideal, even using a Wacom Cintiq. Anyway, this is a ‘work in constant progress’ so I’ll be improving this tools and giving the buyers some updates from time to time.

AD Painter's Toolbox - Natural media brushes for Photoshop

6 December 2014

Era hora de poner algo de orden a la cantidad de pinceles que he creado a lo largo de mas de diez años (el primer pack que compartí on-line sigue dando vueltas y lleva mas de 50.000 descargas).
Cuando desarrollé el panel de herramientas de ilustración para Photoshop: AD Artbox, puse mucho cuidado en seleccionar las mejores y mas imprescindibles herramientas, era una necesidad personal, y no por nada sigue siendo mi primer elección a la hora de trabajar (¡y lo utilizan en Disney!), pero era demasiado lo que quedaba afuera así que reorganicé todos los pinceles que he ido creando y de la primer selección salió ese fantástico set llamado "The Cartoonist Brushes", ideal para historietistas y dibujantes que buscan pinceles profesionales para entintar, y como yapa incluí una selección de mis viejos pinceles para emular aguadas y/o acuarelas en Photoshop.
Luego seleccioné mis mejores lápices y grafitos en el pack llamado "The Pencils Garden", también el set completo de Screentones (una parte había sido previamente incluída en un viejo set), y lo mas complejo de seleccionar y organizar ¡ha quedado para este fin de año!
Me refiero a los pinceles que utilizo para pintar, y son tantos que he tenido que dividirlos en dos packs de mas de 100 pinceles cada uno!

AD Painter's Toolbox es el primero de esos packs e incluye mis mejores pinceles para emular óleos, acrílicos, gouaches y demás medios tradicionales de pintura de caballete... ¡en Photoshop!.
Las imágenes de este artículo son parte de las pruebas que he ido realizando miéntras ordenaba y ponía a punto el pack.

Aquí van dos videos donde se pueden ver algunos de estos pinceles en acción. Como ya es costumbre, tan pronto como pueda compartiré un video demostrativo donde se pueda apreciar cada uno de los pinceles, y probablemente algún tutorial.

El pack incluye a modo de regalo -por tiempo limitado- algunos pinceles especiales, "arenosos" (gritty), que utilicé aquí:

El pack ya está on-line aquí:
AD PAINTER'S TOOLBOX (for Photoshop CS6+).

También está on-line el pack que ya hace mas de 5 años me solicitaban y por diferentes motivos solo lo había compartido con algunos pocos amigos y colegas: mis pinceles para emular acuarelas y aguadas en Photoshop!
Y puedo asegurar -sin titubear- que son los mejores pinceles que he creado:

AD Pencils Garden (for Photoshop)

7 October 2014

More than 35 Truly Realistic Pencils for Photoshop!
Created to take advantage of the virtues of your Wacom tablet.
Drawing, sketching, shading, smudging, texturing, soft and strong pencils, erasers, blenders and two watercolour pencils… this is a careful selection I made taking the best pencils after years of brush creation. An exquisite collection that will grow from time to time (so, expect updates).
This is the perfect complement for "The Cartoonist Brushes"

Here: AD Pencils Garden (For Photoshop)